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Design Matters

Design matters to CCG because it's central to who we are and what we do for our clients. At this moment, however, we're exploring why design matters in a broader context. How design makes the world a better place...

Design matters because it persuades. Graphic communication is a visual argument. Like good verbal oratory, it spurs us to weigh the points pro and con. Have a favorite movement, charity or cause? Chances are pretty good that design played a role in persuading you to get involved.

Design matters because it delights. How many times have you saved a promotional poster, clipped a favorite ad or tacked up a cool product package-just because it was fun or quirky or inspiring to look at? Design finds the specific beauty in the things of every day.

Design matters because it intends. Good design has a clear point of view. It takes a stand, and encourages us to do the same. It allows us to be decisive as it helps clarify why we feel or believe or act the way we do.

design matters
clark creative groupclark creative group
clark creative group clark creative group clark creative group clark creative group